First Year With Leica – The Documents

Draft of the presentation of the documentations

First year with Leica – The Documents, a collection of images, thoughts and stories from Gustafs brain based on the photos from a 365 project made between November 2nd 2021 – November 1st 2022. He started the project to learn the rangefinder of his Leica M10. Now he will make a documentation about it. No, not a book, it will be a documentation printed on 335gr Ivory Board. This documentation will be made in one batch only, all signed and numbered. If you want to get updates about it please enter your e-mail down below.

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About the documentations

Gustaf has selected around 70 photos from his 365-project and remastered them in black and white. A timeless way to present photography, just as timeless as the design of the M-series. The documentations of this project will be presented in a ring binder, this opens up for thicker pages and a playful way for the owner to prioritize the order of the images. Possibility to make a highlight-section for all favorites, and be able to just snap a photo out and frame it with a mat. Or just keep it as an ordinary book to find inspiration.

The plan is to release this documentation in January 2023, in a ring-binder for a limited first batch, and as a digital edition. Both of them will be released here at Gallery Afém only. If you want to be up to date about the progress be sure to sign up for the newsletter, We’ll just send you news about this project by signing up here.

Down below you’ll find six samples from the documentations, the edit may vary from the final version.

Sample images

  • Landscape view over a reflective lake
  • A man taking a smoke and watching his phone
  • Kid with a towel on a beach
  • Legs and towel thru a small window
  • A broken piano
  • Birds flying away, out of focus

About Gustaf Jansson

Gustaf Jansson is a professional photographer that works in the studio on a daily basis and documenting life on his free time. 2021 he sold all his Fujifilm-gear to step in to the Leica world, with a more minimalistic approach and focus on the most important around photography.