Afemart started as a digital art vending machine the winter 2020. We wanted to sell art, but with a twist. There are thousand and thousand of random print-shops all over the world, that’s why we started the vending machine, it was a new and mysterious way to buy art, to yourself, or as a gift to a friend or family member.

During 2021 we developed an digital art gallery – Gallery Afém – as a complement to the vending machine. The art gallery opened January 1 2022 with the collection ‘The Quay of Dreams‘ by Gustaf Jansson, founder of Afemart.

We sell to Scandinavia, EU,UK, US and South Korea (for now).

We value our artists and offer them 40% of the sales value. So, except for the shipping cost, the artist you buy art from will get 40% of the value. The 60% that’s left will cover transaction fee’s, prints, packaging, administration and a small cut for us to grow.

If you’re interested of showing your stuff at Gallery Afém, please let us know, art[at]galleryafem.com