Vanessa Wall

Everyday Romance [June 2022]

Everyday Romance is a series made by the Swedish photographer Vanessa Wall that in a playful way investigates the everyday surroundings and objects with a focus on surfaces, textures, colours and shapes.
A reality that is sometimes slightly distorted to invite the spectator an escape from the conventional.

About Vanessa Wall:

As a photographer Vanessa draws to the slightly odd and unexpected, the mundane is more interesting than the obvious beautiful. The light and colour can really make such a difference in an image. She combines spontaneous photography with studio set ups, investigates different ways of seeing, this could be through simple means such as distorted reflections. “I never leave a set until I’m happy with the result.”
Vanessa lives in a suburb to Stockholm – Sweden and combines photography with her daily, versatile and creative work with window displays, a combination that gives both parts energy and creativity.

You can follow her at: Instagram.

Sample from Everyday Romance