Mikael Svensson

13 impacts in Mölndal

Explore the nature of Mölndal with this collection ’13 impacts in Mölndal’. The Swedish nature/landscape-photographer Mikael Svensson has picked 13 photos from his photo book ‘Hundred impacts in Mölndal‘ (original titel: Hundra nedslag i Mölndal). The photo book is a tribute to his hometown, Mölndal, which celebrated 100 years as a town in 2022.
The exhibition 13 impacts in Mölndal will be up and running during March here at Gallery Afém. Down below you can see three photos from the collection.

About Mikael Svensson:

Mikael has been working as a full-time nature and landscape photographer since 2004. Spring 2007 he where picked in the association of the Naturephotographers in Sweden. He does also contributes some of his work to Swedens biggest photo agency, Johnér.

You can follow him at: Instagram, website.

Sample from 13 impacts in Mölndal