Philip Liljenberg

Various Gothenburg – Part 1 [ February 2022 ]

Welcome to Gothenburg thru Philip Liljenbergs eyes. Various Gothenburg – Part 1 is a collection of 13 photos that will be printed on Fine-art paper. You will meet details, colors, shapes and textures in a mixed collection between nature and trashed cars.

Philip Liljenbergs collection ‘Various Gothenburg – Part 1’ will have it’s digital exhibition here at Gallery Afém between February 1 – 28.

About Philip Liljenberg:

Philip is a multi-creative marketer that’s into art, photography, film, music, minimalism, veganism, numbers, skateboarding and snowboarding. 
Based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

You can follow him at: Instagram, website.

Sample from Various Gothenburg – Part 1