Welcome to the digital exhibition of the collection ‘Deconstructed’. This exhibition will be open during June 2023, then the gallery will be open for other artists of interest.

“Deconstructed” is a collection of Polaroid emulsion lifts by photographer Morag Perkins.

Morag creates her work by experimenting with a combination of analogue and digital photography techniques. She seeks to create the conditions that will allow something organic to emerge, and then to harness it when it does. 

This exhibition is the result of fully leaning into that managed chaos and letting it lead where it wants to go. 20 years expired slide film bathes everything it touches in a wash of ethereal purple; camera shake combines with folds in the Polaroid emulsion to evoke a fractured world; a Christmas decoration viewed through a short-lived floppy disk camera becomes a surreal winter landscape. Each one contains a careful balance of chaos and order.

All motifs can be bought down below. The size is 21x15cm. We will print and ship all prints in the first half of July.