Lily Ray

Lily Ray

Cyanographica: Swedish Photography in Blue

Lily Ray’s exhibition ‘Cyanographica: Swedish Photography in Blue’ is an experimental collection of cyanotype prints made by creativity and the sun itself. Lily has artistically brushed on chemicals, giving the prints a painterly quality that complements the dreamy blue hues produced by the cyanotype process. The images are photographs Lily has captured with her mirrorless camera and turned into plastic negatives. She has placed the negatives over the dried chemicals and allowed the sun to work its magic. Discover your perfect cyanotype and bring the serene beauty of the Swedish blue into your life.

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About the artist

Lily Ray is a photographer and cyanotype artist from Newcastle Australia, living in Gothenburg Sweden. Her work celebrates and explores stories and details and has a narrative focus – not unlikely due to her experience as a journalist and writer. Lily’s love of cyanotypes is inherited from her mother who has worked with the medium since Lily was a young child.

You can visit Lily’s website or follow her on Instagram.

Samples from Cyanographica: Swedish Photography in Blue