Drömmarnas kaj

Welcome to the digital exhibition of the collection ‘Drömmarnas Kaj’. This exhibition will be open during July – August 2023, then the gallery will be open for other artists of interest.

Multiple layers of history. Lighten like a proud stately play, a ghost ship, haunted nook, fighting spirit and a quay walk with new hopes. Port life that has been, and still is. Dreams that were stolen, dreams that offers space to be alive. Realized journeys to the Mediterranean and Caribbean. Sunken ships. Everything that holds love to restore all these different cultural ships. Gullbergs quay is the last quay area that reflects the history of Gothenburgs port as it looked like when it was alive. Let a generation of proudness stand side by side within the new world. The horizon is never far away, when we dream together.

‘Drömmarnas Kaj’ is an exhibition made with two Olympus OM1’s and a handful Black and White film. Gustaf and Magda switched rolls and put their way to see things on top of each others, as they went from single to double exposures. This Exhibition is made to preserve the beauty of history and dreams, with Gullbergs Quay Association and can be found printed along the quay during summer 2023.

All motifs can be bought down below. The size is A5 (210x150cm) and A3+ (483x329mm). We will print and ship all prints after the exhibition in the beginning of September.