Story Hotels – Riddargatan

We are very proud to present our concept at Story Hotels Riddargatan – Stockholm/Sweden. In spring 2022 we started to plan a new concept with the hotel and now they’ve updated some of their rooms, and more to come. The Hotel wanted a big verity of art so we suggested to build something from our collection UNO, an idea they loved. We picked five artists from UNO and reused some of the motifs and added some new.

Our goal was to make a wall of art that catches the attention, to tell something different than just a framed painting. The combination and arrangement differs from room to room, designed to fit each room in the best possible way. Before we started we had a talk with the owners to build ourselves a clear view of their wishes. After that we talked with our artists, collected the motifs we thought was right for this concept. The mix between sizes and techniques makes the walls pop for the visitors, something they will remember!

Artists from the concept:
* Emma Järvenpää
* Emmelie Salomonsson
* Madeleine Meijer
* Fredrik Jalhed
* Gustaf Jansson
* Heidie Nesset
* Niklas Björnberg

The artwall, bed and concrete wall of room 311