Everyday Romance

Everyday Romance

Welcome to the digital exhibition of the collection ‘Everyday Romance’. This exhibition will be open during June 2022, then the gallery will be open for other artists of interest.

‘Everyday Romance’ is made by the photographer Vanessa Wall. As a photographer Vanessa is drawn to the slightly odd and unexpected, the mundane is more interesting than the obvious beautiful. The light and color can really make such a difference in an image. She mixes spontaneous photography with studio set ups. And investigates different ways of seeing, this could be through simple means such as distorted reflections. Vanessa never leavea a set until she’s happy with the result.

Vanessa lives in a suburb to Stockholm – Sweden and work with window display, a creative and versatile job which gives her energy for her photography and vice versa.

In the collection ‘Everyday Romance’ you’ll meet snapshots from everyday life, but with a different angle then most of us sees it. You’ll recognize everything, but have you thought of it as art? This is just another proof of that everything could be art, just with the right eyes of the artist.

All photograph’s can be bought down below. You can choose the size that fits your wall. We will print and ship all prints in first half of July.