Cyanographica: Swedish Photography in Blue

Welcome to the digital exhibition of the collection ‘Cyanographica: Swedish Photography in Blue’. This exhibition will be open during November – December 2023, then the gallery will be open for other artists of interest.

A collection of photographs exposed to the sun in a combination of time and cyanotype chemicals. Experience daily life scenes through the color of blue that gives the motifs a dreamy vibe, some more pronounced than others. ‘Cyanographica: Swedish Photography in Blue’ contains fifteen motifs photographed and developed by Lily Ray.

Christmas offer (Sweden only): During November we will have a special package with a print of your choice combined with a block of chocolate produced by hand in Kalmar chocolate factory. Everything will be shipped ready to hand over to a friend or family member as a Christmas gift.

All motifs can be bought down below. The size is A5 (210x150cm). We will print and ship all prints in the beginning of each week.