Creature Comforts

  • Illustrated catterpillars with flowers
  • A Bison on a diving board - Digital illustration
  • Dogs in food - Digital Illustration
  • Hippo in pool - Digital Illustration
  • Piglet in Bed - digital illustration
  • Digital illustration of Mugs Still Life
  • Birds fed in colorful digital illusion
  • Tomtits in a digital illustration
  • Teapot bird Still Life - digital illustration
  • Sardine Still Life in colorful digital illustration

Creature Comforts

Welcome to the digital exhibition of the collection ‘Creature Comforts’. This exhibition will be open during January 2023, then the gallery will be open for other artists of interest. 

‘Creature Comforts’ is made by the digital illustrator Emma Erickson. It’s a 1:1 collection of different animals/creatures placed in different situations, one more surreal than the other. With punchy colors and a big ladle of fantasy we’ll meet some of the cutest creatures in the gallery!

All motifs can be bought down below. The size is 14x14cm. We will print and ship all prints in first half of February.

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