Louise Johansson

Urban Fogscapes [April 2022]

Dreamy street photos with an almost apocalyptic mood, that’s what you will see in the exhibition ‘Urban Fogscapes’. The Swedish/Danish photographer Louise Johansson walks around with a compact setup in her hand and transforms empty Danish streets to surreal art.

‘Urban Fogscapes’ will be up for sale April only here at Gallery Afém. We ship to EU and US and all prints will be printed and shipped when the exhibition is over.

About Louise Johansson:

Louise is a Swedish photographer based in Aalborg, Denmark. Her work is a fusion between foggy landscapes, lowlight and street photography, where she combines moody, colourful atmospheres, with compositions filled with both visible and invisible lines of sight. She says her main goal, when shooting a scene, is to capture that very much alive essence of calmness, in a seemingly empty space.

You can follow her at: Instagram.

Sample from Urban Fogscapes