First Year with Leica – Digital Photobook

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Between November 2nd 2021 – November 1st 2022 the photographer Gustaf Jansson experienced his first year with a Leica – Leica M10. This digital photo book contains 73 photos from this year, they are a part of his 365-project made exclusively on that Leica M10.

All photos are re-mastered in Black and White, and all captions are rewritten as a short sentence or a longer story

(The book can be downloaded through a link on the confirmation page or via an e-mail from us!)


First year with Leica – The Documents, a collection of images, thoughts and stories from Gustaf Janssons brain based on the photos from a 365-project made between November 2nd 2021 – November 1st 2022. He started the project to learn the rangefinder of his Leica M10. Now he will make a documentation about it.

Pages: 155
Photos: 73
Propotions: 1:1
Format: PDF
File size: 219MB
Download: Via confirmation page or e-mail.