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First two rolls of Medium Format

I’ve been interesting of medium format for some years now and earlier this year I saw a video about the Mamiya C330 and fell in love. After a while I decided to sell my Fujifilm X-Pro 1 and bought a C330 as a better complement to my digital Leica M10. The condition is great and it’s a real beast! I choosed to start with Illford HP5 Plus 400 and I didn’t regret that after receiving the first two rolls from the lab.

Because of the cost I just ordered a low-res scan, to see if everything worked well. I will probably buy some chemicals and a scanner myself to lower the costs. Here is the best six frames from the first two rolls, 25% of all frames worked out ok, guess I need some practice with this camera. 😀

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Happy Easter

We took some days off during easter and went to my parents-in-law at the island ‘Björkö’ outside Gothenburg. The Island has a lovely nature and an old tradition of making big fires.
The first five photos are taken on the Island.
The one with the plants is taken at my brothers house on our way home.
The last three are taken at the big fire from Easter eve.

All images are taken with my Leica M10 combined with the TTArtisan 50mm f1.4

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LMN Photowalk #23

April 6th I joined the monthly photowalk in Gothenburg, La mer Nordique – photowalk. We met at the tram station ‘Kapellplatsen’ and walked up to ‘Guldheden’. I got 12 frames that I’m happy with, and you can see them all below.

Taken with Leica M10 – TTArtisan 50mm f1.4 (the first two where taken with a 7Artisan 28mm f1.4)
Edited in CaptureOne

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