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Mark Andersson – My Acid Years

How to create the same motif over and over again, and still get a unique final result? Mark Andersson creates smilies with all kind of expressions and colors. During September and October we have the honor to show Marks work with he exhibition ‘My Acid Years’.

Mark Andersson

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Colors and shapes

Mark like to let the colors and materials shape the motifs. In that way all motifs get something unique.

Where did your creativity start?

I was born and raised in a big family with artists. So the art and creativity has been there by my side my whole life.

Compared to most other artists you have chosen one more specific motif to work with, why smilies?

I delve into a motif and work with it until I can’t go any further, often spanning several years.

The smiley face emerged after I had been painting blobs, shapes with two eyes that, over time, gained a mouth and became smileys. The blobs also have their origins in the sheep skulls I painted for several years.

There is eleven motifs in the exhibition “My Acid Years”, how do you find inspiration to create the same motif, but with totally different expression?

My motifs are born from my own mood, dreams, and often through music. Then I let the interplay of water, color, layers, subtracting, adding, unfold over an extended period. Both myself and the motifs change during the process. I might have an idea of how I want something to be one day, but after a week, it’s something else entirely!

But right now, and for quite some time, it has mostly been smiley faces.

From happiness to darkness

With ‘My Acid Years’ you will experience happiness and colors combines with a more dark theme.

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