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Wonhee Lee – Living together in peace – March

Finding the art in minimalism can be harder than it looks like. To offer a feeling and relationship to the viewer just with lines. Wonhee Lee is a South Korean based digital illustrator that makes art and pushing the community every free and awaken hour.

Wonhee Lee – Living together in peace

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Minimalistic still life

Shapes and strict lines.

The way Wonhee Lee combines the strict lines with soft rounded shapes offers a very satisfying illustration.

The series Living together in peace. How did you come up with that theme and what does it mean to you?

I usually live with many plants to maintain my psychological stability.
This series started from observing and caring for plants every day.
I wanted to record the plants and the glass ornaments, cups, and pots
I have in my own way, and that was painting.

When did your interest for art started? Was any particular moment that made you realize it?

My older sister studied art from a young age.
She still draws, and I am very much influenced by her.
I learned a lot about the history of art, about artists, from her.
It wasn’t a specific moment. Art has always been close to me.

Where do you find inspiration for your art works?

All my work starts with what I have.
I decide very carefully when I need to buy something.
Once the object becomes part of my home, it inspires me in different ways.

How does your creative process usually looks like?

Most of the time it starts in my head.
I draw intricately in my head for a few days, and when it’s more or less finished, I actually draw it.


A line can be just a line, it can also be art. Living Together in Peace is just a perfect example of that!

Minimalistic still life
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